Agencja reklamowa w Środzie Wielkopolskiej zajmująca się e-marketingiem, ale również pracami nad tworzeniem nowej marki. Realizowała już wiele kampanii reklamowych dla małych i większych przedsiębiorstw.
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Prowadzimy nie tylko social media naszych klientów, ale również swoje. Jednym z nich jest Insta.

Opinions about us:

Natalia S.

Good communication. Fast order fulfillment. I would highly recommend

Tatiana Ć.

The website was taken care of very quickly and professionally. Great contact during work. I would highly recommend!

Agnieszka K.

I recommend working with an advertising agency. Very good contact at every stage of the project. All the graphics turned out great. I will definitely come back to you.

Meet us:

This is Przemek. When Przemek says he'll do something, he'll do it. You don't have to remind him every six months. He's an artist. Passionate about memes, there is no topic he couldn't respond to with a YouTube video. Pros: incredible creativity, openness, and enthusiasm. Cons: creativity, openness, and enthusiasm. At Kapary, he is responsible for photo/video and graphics.

Kinga is a Germanist by education and a proofreader by passion. She is also interested in psychology, but her greatest joy is food - after work, she loves to visit cozy restaurants with her husband or try out new recipes. She also has a recipe for how to manage social media profiles, and besides proofreading and copywriting, she deals with it at Kapary.

Roman is a hotelier, surveyor, historian, teacher, and... marketer. His greatest passion is discovering the world and himself. He enjoys sports, good food, and traveling. That's why he spends most of his free time "exploring" Netflix. In Kapary, he is responsible for making impossible things happen. Life motto: It's not about being right, it's about building relationships.


Nowoczesna agencja reklamowa w Środzie Wielkopolskiej, która działa już z sukcesami na rynku od dwóch lat.


Interested? Contact us!

If you are interested in our offer and experience, and would like to see some of our previous projects, please go to the Offer tab. If you would like to get to know us - the people behind these projects, let us introduce ourselves. :D


We are Roman, Przemysław, and Kinga - the team behind advertising agency. Our common passion is internet marketing, and our mission from the very beginning has been to help small and medium-sized businesses promote their ventures. We are not a large company ourselves. What connects us are family ties, gallons of coffee we drank together, and our desire to help others while constantly developing ourselves and getting better at what we do. The greatest joy for us is when our clients come back to us and when business relationships turn into friendly acquaintances over time. This is definitely the greatest value in our work.

Agencja reklamowa zajmują się tworzeniem stron internetowych, reklamą w social mediach, tworzeniem grafik i spotów reklamowych

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