Agencja reklamowa w Środzie Wielkopolskiej zajmująca się e-marketingiem, ale również pracami nad tworzeniem nowej marki. Realizowała już wiele kampanii reklamowych dla małych i większych przedsiębiorstw.
Prowadzenie google moja firma
Spoty reklamowe dla firm w Środzie Wlkp.
Prowadzimy nie tylko social media naszych klientów, ale również swoje. Jednym z nich jest Insta.
Zależy Ci, aby twoja strona znalazła się wysoko w wynikach wyszukiwania Google. Skorzystaj z pomocy specjalistów, którzy zadbają o poprawienie pozycji Twojej strony w Internecie.



Search engine optimization (SEO) is a completely foreign concept for many people who run a business and have their own place on the web. However, it is worth getting acquainted with this topic, because it is a key element of creating a website, enabling people who are looking for exactly the services we offer to find us.

Zajmujemy się profesjonalnym prowadzeniem kampanii Google Ads i Facebook Ads. Ustal budżet, a resztę zostaw nam.

Graphics design

We are a team of specialists offering comprehensive services in designing advertising materials. Our offer includes designing flyers, which are an ideal tool for promoting among potential customers, business cards, which are a company's business card and allow for acquiring new customers, and advertising catalogs, which enable the presentation of a wide range of products or services in an accessible and attractive way for the recipients.

Przykładowa realizacja strony internetowej dla naszej klientki z Poznania. Responsywna Strona www przygotowana została pod prowadzenie bloga.


Creating and maintaining websites

A website is the foundation of every online business. It is a business card that a customer comes across when searching the internet for a product or service provider. We specialize in creating both simple and advanced websites, which we then hand over to the client to manage or take care of ourselves.


Let's talk about your dreams!


Do you want the world to know about your brand, but so far only getting likes from family? Do you want to increase your sales, but don't know how to go about it? Do you need flyers, but even your mom did the artwork for you? Do you have a business idea, but unsure if it will work? Is your strategy not producing the expected results and it's time to entrust promotion to professionals? Or maybe you just feel like having coffee and chatting?


We are here to fulfill your dreams and help you succeed. We don't work for a large corporation, where another client is just another line in Excel. We are a family business and we put relationships with our clients first. We do our best to help them develop their brand and cheer them on with all our might to achieve success. All of this happens over a cup of aromatic coffee, to which we always warmly invite you to our office.

Profesjonalne prowadzenie Facebooka i Instagrama. Możemy również pomóc przy prowadzeniu Linkedin i Pinterest.
Przygotowujemy animowane spoty reklamowe. Specjalizujemy się w tworzeniu spotów doodle.
Tworzenie kampanii SEO i SEM dla stron internetowych.




Professionally prepared video advertisement. We can take care of publishing it as an advertisement on YouTube.

Animated commercials


We prepare animated advertising spots that will work great as an advertisement for a company or institution.

Creating websites


Possibility of using professional website management and editing.

Social Media


Opportunity to use professional profile management on social networks to optimize the coverage of the profile.



Websites are optimized in terms of search engines. If possible, we will make sure that your website is at the top of the Google search engine.

Szukam profesjonalisty od pozycjonowania. Możemy Ci w tym pomóc dostowując stronę internetową pod algorytmy google.
Przygotowujemy materiały graficzne pod ulotki, plakaty, posty. W naszych usługach realizujemy również logo, papier firmowy, katalogi.

Graphic materials


Graphics, leaflets, posters are the basis for the promotion of every company. We will prepare professional graphic materials for you.


Tworzenie reklamy na Youtube. Najpierw przygotujemy spot reklamowy, a potem umieścimy go na Google Ads

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Agencja reklamowa zajmują się tworzeniem stron internetowych, reklamą w social mediach, tworzeniem grafik i spotów reklamowych

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Tworzenie strategii marketingowej w Social Mediach
Profesjonalne prowadzenie kanału na Youtube.
Strategie marketigowe dla wielu profili na Instagramie
Założenie i prowadzenie google moja firma

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